Tyler Perry’s “Boo” A Madea Halloween, Movie Review

Boo! A Madea Halloween
2016 · 1hr 43min · Comedy
Release date: Oct 21, 2016 (United States)
Director: Tyler Perry


Let me preface this by saying that I personally do NOT like scary movies! #1) I’m afraid of the dark, #2) I don’t particularly like chilling books #3) or poems #4) and if a screeching door or clown are involved, then someone please kill me instantly, before the clown gets near me.

Luckily “Boo” A Madea Halloween was not a bone chiller, nail biting kind of movie, actually quite the opposite. Now on to something I love~ deep, solid, belly laughs, the kind that makes my stomach hurt. I especially love hearing my family laugh and we can always count on Tyler Perry and his “Madea” movies for just that. I went into this movie with enthusiasm and I had high expectations because it was “Madea” and it was centered around a Halloween theme. This is my personal movie review of Tyler Perry’s “Boo” A Madea Halloween without spoilers.

I was giddy with anticipation about what I would see on the big screen, my hubby not so much. I quickly “slowed my roll” about ten minutes into the movie when I realized there might be more lulls and repetitiveness than actual funny. I have to admit the movie seemed lackluster and a bit contrived, which saddened me. My hubby and I both feel it lacked meaty content and structure, which I think, makes or breaks a film.

The storyline was weak; it needed more, lots more. The actors repeated things over and over entirely too much, like they tried to stretch out the movie to fill a specific timeframe. I feel a child could have written a better script, harsh but true. The movie had funny moments spread throughout the hour and a half film, but not enough to keep you totally vested. The acting was mediocre at best. I’m not a huge fan of the “Madea” plays and it felt like one of Tyler Perry’s stage shows. There were too many pauses and filler moments, almost like they were adlibbing, but not the funny kind of adlibs. The construction of the characters didn’t feel complete, which helped throw off the tired plot.

I don’t like to talk negatively without some positive. There were funny moments but unfortunately they were mostly seen in the movie trailer.Thankfully it wasn’t scary, so that was a positive.

I would have to give this film a 5 out of 10 rating. I was very disappointed with this “Madea” movie. I didn’t feel a connection to the characters and could have cared less if any of them were haunted by a devious clown or were scared to literal death!

Tyler Perry, if you’re reading this, lol; work longer on the plot and hire better actors rather than trying to play most the characters yourself, except Madea, please continue playing Madea!