Key West, Florida

10 Points of Interest- Part 1

Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square
Gather with your Key West BFF’s to witness the most unforgettable sunset in the state’s southernmost point. Stroll Waterfront Square as you shop and/or eat your way to the most interesting performance on earth, well at least in Florida anyway. Partake in the daredevil attractions as they vie for your attention with “unique” nightly performances.


Mallory Square
The red brick beauty beckons you to the Key West Art & Historical Society building. The museum is a national landmark and a stunning showpiece of bygone days, I feel it’s the heart of Mallory Square. Check out the Sunset Celebration, dine at one of the delectable restaurants, shop or just hang out and people watch, which by the way, is one of my favorite things to do. Woot!


Duval Street
Known for its wacky characters and way of life, it’s a haven for Hennessey and Historians; Hmm, contradiction. Duval Street is five miles in length and it runs north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. This is where it all goes down, so join in the crazy, what happens in Key West stays in Key West; unless someone uploads it to social media, then sorry to say, one night of poor judgement goes viral… earn it!


Key Lime Pie Factory
How does handmade Graham Cracker crust, real Lime Juice and natural ingredients sound? If you thought Yummy, we’re on the same wave length. Have your taste buds high five your tummy when you devour a Key Lime pie or Chocolate dipped bar; don’t forget to wash it all down with a Key Lime Milkshake. Here are some of my favorite Key Lime recipes~


Ernest Hemmingway House & Museum
The one, the only, famed, prolific novelist Ernest Hemmingway laid his brilliantly drunken head here for ten years and by complete serendipity. He wrote some of his most famous works of art in this very home. Guided tours of the Hemingway home are offered daily, 365 days a year. Visitors can view the author’s writing studio and lush grounds for a fee of $13 Adults and $6 for Children 12 & under. If you love cats, then you are sure to adore this attraction, 40-50 polydactyl (six-toed) cats roam the grounds; descended from a sea captain’s feline given to Hemingway named Snow White. Meow!


Southernmost Point
Located at the corner of South Street and Whitehead in Key West, Florida is one of the extreme points of the United States. Marked by a trademark buoy since 1983, it has become a major Key West tourist attraction. TIP– Instead of waiting for hours in line for your picture with this well-known landmark, take the conch train or trolley tour and take a selfie with it as your captain slowly drives by. That way you will also receive history about Key West and visit other points of history, all while sitting down.


Sloppy Joes Bar & Grill
Historic bar in Key West, Florida, frequented by Ernest Hemmingway, whom was also thought to be a silent partner. In 2006 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. If you want great ambience, live music and a plethora of alcoholic spirits, visit Sloppy Joes Bar & Grill. Don’t forget there are a few web cams following you around, so don’t get toooo SLOPPY! TIP– The bar is also referenced in the famous film Citizen Kane.


Smathers Beach
Free public beach about a half-mile long on the Atlantic Ocean of Key West’s southern shore. Named after a former senator and right smack on mile 0, yes, mile Z-E-R-O.
Cop a squat and bask in the sun with beach chairs/umbrellas available for rent. This seemingly shallow beach also offers a Sunset Watersports kiosk, so you can rent your favorite water toy. If you have game and are competent in your Volleyball skills, grab some fellow beachgoers and spike that ball. Plenty of FREE parking, food trucks ($) and restroom facilities nearby. The best part of Smathers Beach, EVERYTHING!


Hog’s Breath Saloon
25 years in the heart of Old Town Key West on the corner of Front and Duval Street lies the world famous Hog’s Breath Saloon. My dad lives vicariously a few days a week through the three webcams located in the bar; sometimes he watches a live band and sometimes drunken sexy ladies dancing, shh.


Key West Cemetery

What do you say about a cemetery? Not much, its hopefully quiet, unless you’re in Key West, where locals actually have the last word, posthumously…You probably think I’m wacko for suggesting you visit a cemetery as a tourist attraction, but it’s the funniest cemetery you’ll ever visit. Unique epitaphs can be found here, like: “I told you I was sick.” “I’m just resting my eyes.” “If you’re reading this, you’re in desperate need of a hobby.” and “At least I know where he’s sleeping tonight.” Be careful, you might actually die of laughter!



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