Georgetown, Grand Cayman~ Cruise Port Excursions


1. Rackam’s Waterfront Bar & Grill~ walking distance from cruise port, delicious conch fritters seafood and excellent service. You can view the entire cruise port and cruise ships from the outdoor seating and if you want to snorkel off the pier, jump on in, really! Picture 2

2. Camana Bay~ 10 minute taxi ride away. Upscale boutique-style shops, restaurants, bars, gorgeous bay scenery. It’s a great place to spend your afternoon or evening with family or if you’re ready to mingle. is a terrific site that spotlights the unique stores in town center. The most fantastical part, they’re duty free,  check it out! Pictures 3 & 4

3. Georgetown, Grand Cayman Cruise Port~ you really don’t have to go any further than cruise port; they have plenty of stores, restaurants and tourist attractions around the cruise port. Picture 5

4. Seaworld Observatory~ is a unique underwater experience for the entire family. If you are claustrophobic like me, don’t worry, you have fans throughout the vessel keeping you cool plus you also have a good amount of space to view all the exciting underwater activity, without getting wet. It helped that we had a terrific narrator who placed me next to him just in case I needed to escape to the upper part of ship (I proudly did not). The owner of the ship actually put on a dive suit and jumped into the water and fed the fish while we observed.I recommend this excursion! Pictures 6 & 7