Don’t Drown, Turn Around~Flood 2016!

Flooded Golden Meadows Subdivision

I thought April showers brought May flowers! I guess the month of March got confused with Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow and sprung Spring and its rain a bit early and a lot heavy (say that three times in a row.)

It’s been a tumultuous month thus far with massive amounts of rain falling on the South. Last week, flooding immediately began in certain areas of Louisiana and many areas in Northern Louisiana with more rain currently in the forecast.”Don’t Drown, Turn Around” was the local catchphrase used on most of the news stations, there’s always a catchphrase when disaster strikes, always!

Float along with me; as we look through pictures of Mother Nature’s wrath on the South. Please continue to pray for the flood victims and the 11,000 homes that were affected by flood damage.

Street Flooded
Pasture Flooded
Trailer Carrying Sandbags
Local Newscaster in Flooded Golden Meadows Subdivision
Local Flood Command Station
Cars Parked on Nearby Road/Neighborhood Flooded


Helicoptor Flying Over Flood Area


Entrance (road) into backside of Golden Meadows Subdivision
Local News Crew


Area Road Caved in From Flood Water
Rescuing Horses
Keeping Eye on Over-Topped Levees
GOHSEP urges everyone to continue to use caution in areas where floodwaters remain.
•DOTD’s website for updated road closure information. Look for advisories from your local authorities and emergency managers.
•FEMA will deploy Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams to support the registration of individuals for the Individual Assistance Grant program. Individuals may also register on the web or by phone as follows: