VALENTIA Ultimate Skin Repair & Hydration Combo: DOUBLE the Results!

Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask


• Hydrates- It definitely hydrates the skin and I should know, I have very dry skin.
• Nourishes- Yes, It nourished well and felt clean to the touch.
I expected it to be white and creamy looking, it looked different from what I imagined. It was orange in color and resembled yogurt. It had a faint orange smell and rubbed on smooth and easy. VALENTIA was NOT gummy or sticky to the touch, it felt nice and clean. I did not feel tingling like the package mentioned but that fine with me. It did not feel like I had a mask on at all, which was nice. I feel the product definitely nourished and hydrated my skin. I would recommend this product whole heartedly!


True Glow Eye Cream



• Intense Corrective Eye Treatment
• Repair, Refresh & Renew
• Reduce Wrinkles
• Nourishes & Hydrates
• Tightens Eye Area
• Brightens Dark Circles
• Restores Radiance

My first thought, the packaging was lovely and visually appealing, but the print on the package was entirely too small. The scent was nice and light and had an orange undertone. It felt nice to the touch on my hands and face. I felt the tightening around my eyes almost immediately, which made me realize the product, was effective/active. I think VALENTIA True Glow Eye Cream is a great product and I would recommend it for women and also men.

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