Hot Springs, Arkansas~ Mickey’s Barbecue Review

Mickey's Barbecue Review

It’s only fitting that I, lover of Mickey Mouse; would fall for a barbecue joint in Hot Springs with my favorite mouse namesake. If you know me or know my writings, then you know my affinity for Mickey Mouse and Disney in general, I digress. I drove by “Mickey’s” for years before ever stopping. Guess #1 I was never in the mood for Barbecue whilst driving by. #2 Maybe I thought it didn’t have the upscale appeal that I’m accustomed to, or #3 Mickey Mouse wasn’t outside signing autographs. One things for sure, it did not lack charm, that’s why I’ve nicknamed it Hot Spring’s~ Hidden Gem.

The quaint appearance of this restaurant is unique, almost cavernous as it sits on the outskirts of town and at the foot of Hot Springs Mountain. Every time I passed by, I could not help but notice the amount of cars in their parking lot and often wondered how so many people could fit in that tiny building. One day it DAWNED on me; yes I said dawned, twice and capitalized once~ this place must be amazing! The space was definitely cozy, but what it lacked in size it gave tenfold in extraordinary customer service and unbridled enthusiasm. Now, what do my wondering eyes should appear, No, not eight tiny reindeer, better, vintage Mickey Mouse as decoration, oh dear. They had me at the name and now they have my heart, but will my taste buds love them as much as the rest of me, that was the question. (insert creepy organ music here)

I’m ecstatic to tell you, the food was exceptional; I was like a vulture voraciously eating its prey and I’m positive I looked quite repulsive, as do vultures. They had all the usual fixings you would expect of a Barbecue place: Potato salad, Pork, Beef, Cole Slaw and Beans, you name it, they have it and I devoured it. This place had character in every possible way and you know from this blog post alone, I love character/s! When you find yourself in *Hot Springs National Park, which by the way is the oldest unit in the national park system, 40 years older than Yellowstone National Park, stop by Mickey’s Barbecue. An important lesson was also learned; never judge a book by its cover or you’ll be the one missing out or in this case, 5 lb.’s lighter, but worth every delectable pound. Enjoy!

Mickey’s CMB Barbecue

Phone: (501) 624 1247


1622 Park Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901





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  1. It sounds Funtabulous! I wish I lived closer.. I love a good BBQ and that name would steal my heart away as well!
    Glad you stop to ” smell the roses”, or in this case, “taste the BBQ”!
    Thanks for sharing, hey, you never know where my travels might take me in 2016!
    “Adventure is out there”!

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