My Sentimental, Top 3 Favorite Attractions at Walt Disney World Resort.

While making this list; I realized ALL of my faves are located in Magic Kingdom Park, all three sentimental that is. I’ve listed them in order of the most beloved and the reason they’re special to me.  My number one attraction Carousel of Progress might surprise a lot of you.


It’s sentimental to my family because it was Walt Disney’s original idea from beginning to end; reminiscent of that era. It’s usually our last ride of the evening; we sometimes skip Wishes just to ride it, I know shocker. Number two is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad; it’s the only roller coaster at Walt Disney World that my hubby will ride, because he’s a fraidy cat.


My family laughs out loud at the explosive drops and turns of the ride. We also enjoy the spectacular view of Tom Sawyer Island from the ride queue. Pirates of the Caribbean is number three and it never fails to disappoint.


We always forget about the mini- drop and giggle when it happens; last but surely not least, I love pointing out the dirty, hairy, dangling, pirate foot to my family. Woot!

Honorable Mention, because I can never follow directions on or the blog. My hubby’s favorite is Barnstormer, Starring The Great Goofini located in New Fantasyland.


He rides it every visit. I’m sure, the cast members feel sorry for my 6’3”, two hundred and twenty pound husband, because they let him ride it consecutively; without getting off the ride. Always fun to see the little kids smirk when my hubby gets unstuck and off the ride.

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