rolling coins

  1. I’m in my car and I let people cross in front of me and they don’t wave a friendly thank you.
  2. I hold the door for someone and they also don’t say thank you.
  3. My hubby marks up the wall in the foyer while moving the treadmill through our home.
  4. I have to repaint the foyer because my hubby marked up the wall.
  5. My daughter smacks her food, annoying……..
  6. My neighborhood pool closes at the start of school, it should stay open on weekends till October.
  7. Negativity
  8. Talking on your cellphone while at the nail salon, drive thru window, restaurant or grocery line, it’s freaking rude.
  9. You’re in a crowded elevator and someone farted silently and everyone crinkles their nose and has that bewildered look in their eyes~ as if they’re saying “it wasn’t me” everyone, except the culprit.
  10. The local coin star machine is broken…… I’m not rolling those coins, actually that would be a perfect punishment for the kids.