IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party

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If you’ve ever noticed the linen draped tables and special roped off area around Epcot’s World Showcase near the Port of Entry, then you might have noticed the dessert party with or without knowing what it is. You might have thought, It’s only for special peeps, well I’m here to tell you, you’re special, because it’s for anyone who wants to shell out more coinage to Disney. You can book it 180 days in advance and the cost is $49 per adult and $29 per child. The price includes a few choice spirits and all kinds of delectable delights from the International pavilions of Epcot’s World Showcase. I’m not a dessert person per se, give me potatoes over sweets any day, but I was willing to suffer for my family’s experience and who doesn’t like VIP type events, Ooh-lala. I digress….

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This was my family’s first experience with a dessert party at Walt Disney World Resort. Being that I’m the uber Disney freak, I decided to surprise them with this special treat, they had no idea it even existed. I booked it a few weeks in advance and made the ressies for the last day of our trip; I figured we would go out with a bang~ Illuminations bang that is. 8pm was the time and the meeting location was World Showcase Plaza. We arrived about fifteen minutes early only to find many peeps had already arrived and claimed prime tables for viewing “Illuminations Reflection’s of Earth.” TIP* I suggest you get there at least thirty minutes early to grab primo real estate, you can thank me later. I also want to break the news before you hear the rumor elsewhere, there are no chairs to sit in, so you’ll be standing the entire time unless you nab a table near the landscaping wall, yes I said landscaping wall. (now you owe me a double thank you.) They had a plethora of desserts to choose from~ Baklava, Rice Crispy Treats, Tiramisu and a variety of cakes and cookies if you like that sort of thing, LOL and don’t forget the Champs and Prosecco from Italy plus coffee, lemonade and tea for the non-drinkers.

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9pm was the start of “Illuminations Reflections of Earth” and the show was fantastical as usual, but I could’ve had a SEAT at La Cantina de San Angel or Rose & Crown and probably had some potatoes for the price I paid for five “adults” to sample desserts and a few, very few spirits. I would have to say, this was a nice “different” Disney experience and a wonderful surprise for my family, but the real question is~ WAS IT WORTH THE MOOLAH? My answers No, it’s not worth the money, save your money and buy more souvenirs or enjoy yourself drinking around the world. Woot!

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