Bonus Surprise at Daddy’s Doctor Appt!

Travel, Family & Fun rolled into one!

It was a gorgeous Tuesday morning,  which I guess made an ideal day for my dad’s annual checkup. I was with the usual road-dog gang; mom (69), dad (82) and moi’ (age is just a #). We arrived after fifteen minutes and waited in the lunch room, just kidding the WAITING room for my dad’s appointment time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, just the regular gaggle of senior citizens coughing, sneezing and walkering (my word) in. Nothing makes a middle-age person feel young quite like a doctors waiting room, they had at least forty years on me. My dad was called back soon after arrival, as this doctor never makes you wait too long. I patiently waited in the lunch room, (Gotcha again) WAITING room for my parents.

About twenty minutes later my parents strolled out of the exam room with their usual swagger, I usually have a heads up they’re coming because my dad is hard…

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