Some funny/unique Disney cast member stories I’ve read over the years!



* “I was working in the kitchen at Cinderella’s castle when this family of 4 came in for their dinner. About half way through the dinner the husband politely stands up and taps his glass for attention. He announced that his wife of 15 years has been cheating in him for over a year. The entire place stood still in shock. He motioned for his kids, paid the waitress and left the wife crying at the table” . OMG, HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Busted, disgusted & now mistrusted!!!!!


* “Star Tours. While checking seat belts and came across a lady with a backpack on her lap, so I tell her to put it under the seat. She refuses and I notice that the backpack was moving. I asked her to open it and she refuses. I asked her one more time and she did. There was a baby in the backpack. She was asked to leave.”  ARE PEOPLE CRAZY, She should have been reported to the authorities….


* “I was sitting with a group of guys by where Mickey and Minnie get dressed. When they came out, the guys started cat-calling Minnie. The guy that was Mickey said, in a perfect Mickey voice, If you look at my girlfriend again I’m gonna pop ya!” I LOVE THIS STORY, DEFEND HER TILL THE END MICKEY!


* “This couple was trying to ride Space Mountain, and had a black duffel bag. He heard something come from the bag, so he asked them to open it. They refused. Security comes, forces them to open it. It was their 6 month old baby.”  AGAIN~ ARE PEOPLE CRAZY! Authorities…..


* “One day when I was in line for a ride… I think it was space mountain, this little girl In front of me was complaining she had to go to the bathroom. They were front of the line so her parents didn’t want to leave the line. They argue an eventually the girl squats down and shits on the ground. She then pick up her turd and holds it up to her moms face. If that isn’t enough her mom then proceeded to puke all over the ground. The little girl looked like we was about 8…” When you gotta go potty, you got to go!


* “I’m not a cast member but I saw a video maybe 5 years ago and it made me laugh. A Jungle Cruise skipper dressed as Indiana Jones, ran thru the Aladdin show, grabbed the Genie’s lamp and exclaimed “This belongs in a museum!” and ran away.” PRICELESSS!