Sporting Events at WDW

RunDisney ME

Yes, sporting events take place all year-long, probably because Florida’s awesome year round weather. WDW/ESPN has a way of organizing events, so it’s less chaotic. They provide transportation at designated times & schedule events at certain places on property as not to affect people not participating in the sporting events.

Personally the only sporting event I’m into is runDisney, unless you count in High School when I was “Powder Puff” football quarter back & that’s only because the other girls couldn’t hold the football, much less throw it.

To help give you an idea of the events months, I’ll list the heaviest months/events according to the upcoming 2014 Calendar: Hard to believe but — Jan & Feb are filled with tons of events from:

  • Marathons
  • Baseball Classic
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championships
  • Lacrosse
  • & Gymnastic Invitational


  • Baseball, Golf, Softball, Lacrosse, & Track & Field Spring Training which lasts thru April
  • Junior Olympic gymnastics Competitions
  • President’s Day Soccer Festival
  • Twirl Mania
  • & Princess Half Marathons


  • Cheer & Dance Competitions
  • Volleyball Showcase
  • Disney Track & Field
  • At the end of March the beginning of AAU Boys basketball & it lasts thru August


  • AAU Boy & Girls Basketball
  • Golf Championships
  • More Dance & Cheer events


  • Expedition Everest Challenge- 5K trek with obstacles
  • Sun & Surf Baseball Bash
  • Special Olympics Florida Summer Games
  • Soccer Shootout


  • Wrestling
  • Junior National Volleyball Championships
  • Summer Baseball


  • Field Hockey
  • More Track & Field
  • Lacrosse National Championships
  • & Girls Fast-Pitch World Series
  • Good Tip: Late Summer to December Aug-Dec **Least crowded months for Sporting Events**
  • In October something unique happens at Downtown Disney—the 7th Annual Dragon Boat Festival: Twenty paddlers move in unison, combining strength with teamwork in a boat whose elaborate design originates in ancient China. It’s all about teamwork with a maximum of 20 paddlers, including a steersperson (cox) and a drummer. What a great site to see while visiting WDW.
  • Also in October, runDisney hosts the “Tower of Terror” 10 Miler Race that most of us are participating in. It’s sure to be a ghouly event. I hope to see my Disney gal peeps & meet some new peeps while there! Good luck & watch out for surprises around every turn………..WOOT!