Disney Fact!

rain or shine
rain or shine (Photo credit: jessleecuizon)

Walt Disney was a founding member of the “Motion Picture Alliance for  the Preservation of American Ideals,”  created to defend the film industry  against communist infiltration.

In 1944, the MPA was formed to protect Hollywood from “communist” influences.  Besides Disney, John Wayne, Cecil B. DeMille, Ginger Rogers, Gary Cooper, and  Ronald Reagan were involved in this organization. In 1947, Disney testified in  front of HUAC (House UnAmerican Activities Committee, which has to be one of the  most ironically named committees in U.S. history) that former animators of his  were actually Communist sympathizers. In addition, Disney was anti-union and  claimed the 1941 strike by the Screen Cartoonists Guild was a ploy by Communists  to gain influence in Hollywood.