My Afternoon with Bass Pro!

Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve waited six weeks for a part for our boat steering wheel from Bass Pro. Really crazy that any store would take this long, but its the end of season, so we waited patiently. Bass Pro called to tell me the part they specially made— was finally in….. Then within 5 minutes they called back to tell me, it won’t fit, it’s too small & now there going to overnight a new part from another Bass Pro–RED FLAG– why didn’t they originally order it from the other Bass Pro???? Also when they called me the second time, they asked  “Is your boat a Tahoe Q6 or Q4, (he originally knew this– to order the part, but this might explain why they messed up) I said I think Q4, but let me walk out & look at boat. I walked out of house in my slippers & heard my front door lock–I was now freaking locked out, thank god– I had my cell phone in hand, then I realized my hubby’s Jeep door was open & it had our garage opener in it, I opened up the jeep to find the garage opener was locked in his console & the key was in the house. I called my parents, to bring my spare key for our patio door. I walked thru the backyard to the patio & found that my two outside dogs had killed–not one, but two cute grey mice, I’ve never seen a real mouse in person, except at a pet store or on a cartoon, so imagine my surprise seeing TWO mice & then finding them dead & in my backyard, while in my slippers–being locked out of the house & blaming Bass Pro, for letting all of this happen in the first place!


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