True test of my hubbies LOVE!

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One day, years ago, before my children started kindergarten, I decided I wanted to move to Dallas, Texas, my sister lived there, it seemed like a fun, hip, new adventure kind of place. So I shared this idea with my hubby  & he thought I was kidding——let me back track for a moment, I’m the most Momma & Daddy’s girl ever, I can now safely say, I will not grow out of it, since it has not happened yet & I’m 39. I literally live 3 blocks from them now & have never really lived much further except for six months or so in my early twenties, I moved to California (biggest mistake of my life) but of course moved right back & worked from home part-time for a healthcare staffing agency. My hubby on the other hand is real tight with his family & they all live, within one hour’s drive, at the time he worked for his family’s business & we also had the only grandchildren on both sides of the family. So needless to say our families were not happy with our decision to move.

So the plan was made, now time for action, I filled out online application’s & was immediately phoned for interview (shocked) so we left to Dallas for the interview & to figure out where to live & get our bearing around the big D. I did excellent in my interview, as I normally do, it’s a running joke in my home that unless I really want a job, don’t go to the interview, because I’ve landed every single job, I’ve ever interviewed for, qualifications or not! I felt confident that I would be offered the job & a really good job at that & the only plan for my hubbies employment thus far, was to find a job at night tentatively, while I was working during day, he could watch the kids (not really that thought out) we located a nice apartment complex in the neighborhood we liked in Addison, Texas right down from where I would soon work ( hoped) we liked the schools around the area & the homes that we would eventually move into.

I landed the job & immediately Ryan & I turned in our two-week notices, I phoned & gave deposit + first month for new apartment in Addison, Texas, then decided to have a garage sale & get rid of most of our big items & purchase them after we got there, making it easier to move. So I had a fantastic garage sale, sold mostly everything & then my hubby & I took the rest of the items to Gooodwill. On the way home, everything started to sink in: Moving away from home, both sides of families are alive & well (but aging) & wonderful, I will now have to work full time away from home (rather than PT at home), kids are still young & I’m taking them away from their grandparents-(how could I, I’m sure thats what they thought) Hubbies job uncertainty. These were real thoughts running through my head, we stopped for a quick lunch at Sonic & that’s where it all went down.

I started crying & said I don’t want to move after all!!!!!! The look on my hubbies face,  well a mixture of angry, happy, pissed, shocked, disturbed, sick to his stomach, had to pee, joy, excited, surprised, lets just say PRICELESS!  After the intial BANG of the situation & he could speak again, he said “We just moved out of our house, quit our jobs, broke our families hearts, sold most of our furniture, you accepted a new job & we have an apartment in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Still crying at Sonic, I said yep, that’s the scenario, crying some more…..He hugged me & said “O.K., I understand, lets hurry & call our bosses & make sure we still have jobs (his family) & that he loved me no matter where we lived & reminded me that I was a lucky girl to have such a understanding hubby, cause anyone else– would have divorced my ass after this crazy stunt. I would have to say, this was a true test of my hubbies LOVE & he passed with flying colors!

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