Black friday-What hot item would you trample over someone for?

black friday crowds in downtown seattle
Image by J. McPherskesen via Flickr

First, lets start out with the name, BLACK FRIDAY, I don’t love it. The name was officially coined Black Friday in 1966, when a  rare stamp dealer ran his store add. Then Philadelphia police department  named the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday to describe the massive mayhem of pedestrians which mobbed the stores & produced traffic jams, it was not a term of endearment.

Originally the term black was a negative word given for days in history that weren’t so joyful, like Black  Monday or Black Thursday Oct 24, 1929, the day that signaled the start of “The Great Depression.”  It is the official opening day of  the Christmas Season , so retailers decided to change the negative into a positive, since accountants have used the term black to signify profit for years, they could also by making Black Friday stand for something good, like “deep discounts.” Since the very beginning, Black Friday has been very profitable for retailers & the economy.

Now my post’s title asks “What hot item would you trample over someone for on Black Friday?” The right answer should be NO — item, I beg to differ. There are some really evil women waiting to get in the store, they’ve had their Starbucks Venti triple shot, Carmel Latte’s & are in rare form, you see it across their face & in their eyes,  they will tackle, throw, kick & just plain knock you into the parking lot, if you get in there way.

I guess we haven’t really changed much from the past, mayhem of pedestrians is still a problem but when technology of today brings us such cool gadgets at such high prices,  we gotta get the bargain, even if that mean’s knocking some evil people out of the way for it. (not really) So WARNING to all your brave souls on Black Friday arm yourself with a better weapon: Quadruple shot of Starbucks Venti Carmel Latte & happy shopping…

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