Shel Silverstein, my all time favorite poet! 

But these are my own creation:

Space Between

The space between us is apart, distant as we are dark

the in between is large, separate and afar

you were once a part of me, now we are two, you see

the space between has won, it can’t be undone

it has killed the two, that made us one

in sync we were, there’s no way back

its too late to try, its out of whack

the end is here, so lets be clear

the space between is what we feared

by Dawn Gosdin


Lonely and confused

dazed and amused

lost and alone

dreading the drone

beside someone I’m real

alone I am unknown

days go by

like a calendar year

beckoning winters near

spring is here

 lost without fear

 still alone I am clear

by Dawn Gosdin

Darkness & Despair

Do you want to be there

 darkness and despair

dreaming of a better day

 that takes your blues away

empty without anything

 wanting something, simply something

to be here or there

really to be anywhere

down a dark willowed trail

darkness and despair follow wherever you go

down a path of hollowed memories

 to a place unknown

you, only you can change these wicked thoughts

to something more appealing

 to a place called healing

its not hard

 its easy to do

 don’t do it for me

just do it for you

by Dawn Gosdin

Kid Poems

Tittered & Tattered

Whats the matter thee tittered & tattered

is it thy space between

oh tittered & tattered you don’t need a ladder

to climb way up to the moon

shivers me timber you aren’t that limber

so you don’t need a bucket and a spoon

to get the ladder that’s tittered & tattered

to reach for a piece of the moon

its with thy pen & paper that I write

this tale today

unlike the old with candle light

I delight in manipulating a fable this way

by Dawn Gosdin

Betty Bumblerina

Betty Bumblerina has lost her step

she has fallen on the floor and is getting wet

get up bumblerina, get up

don’t be discouraged, don’t get upset

your just clumsy, I bet

firmly set your feet apart

try real hard, now balance then start

you don’t have to get wet

get off the floor

and don’t lose your step

by Dawn Gosdin

Light of the moon

The moon’s so bright with all it’s might

it shines just like the sun

but when its light it’s no longer bright

a new day has begun

by Dawn Gosdin

Go to Bed

I do not like to go to bed

 I dread, I dread, I dread the bed

I cover my heart, I cover my arms

I even cover my head

oh wait now its dark

 I do not like the dark

I fear, I fear, I fear the dark

 I wish in a park

I’d be as happy as a lark

oh wait a lark flies

I do not like to fly,

to high, to high, to high to fly

and now I’m in the sky

get me down from here

here, here, here reminds me of lark

and I was in the park

because I  fear, fear, fear the dark

I covered my head, I covered my arms

I even covered my heart

head, head, head rhymes with dread

dread, dread, dread the bed

this reminds me I’m tired, Goodnight

by Dawn gosdin

Stinky Feet

Stinky feet are all around

down the street and even uptown

If you dare smell my feet

are they stinky or are they sweet

sweet I think, not stinky, pugh wee

maybe I should scrub my feet

I’m getting kinda of ill

maybe I should take a pill

wow I’m a little whoozy

I might need to take a snoozy

all because my stinky feet

I’m hungry but I can’t eat

my stinky feet you don’t want to meet

there’s nothing but trouble

10 toes 2 feet

stinky, stinky, stinky feet

by Dawn Gosdin

Stubby Fingers & Toes

Stubby fingers and toes

I don’t have those

that’s one thing I ain’t got

and no, there not bought

stubby fingers and toes

do you have those

It’s ok if you do, but I don’t

look, look real good

see no stubbiness here or there

no stubbiness anywhere (me that is)

oh, you do have them

stubby fingers and toes

that’s alright, really its a O.K.

its just part of your DNA

and guess what, their all yours (just not mine)

stubby fingers and toes

are great to have, oh but I wouldn’t know

Ugh, I’ve got a secret to tell

before it begins to smell

but I don’t know if I can share

O.K. I’ll grin and bare

Remember those stubby fingers and toes

oh, what’s that you say, look down

guess what, I do have stubby fingers and toes.

by Dawn Gosdin 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

who is that I see, is that me, I’m small

are those my hands, my fingers look long

I hide my fingers & they are gone

my feet, there are two, 5 toes on each

5 +5 is 10, or so I think

my hair is blonde, but don’t you frown

I’m as happy as a clown

are those my eyes, they are blue

I think their pretty, don’t you

will I grow, I don’t know

I surely hope so

by Dawn Gosdin


As I sit beside my bed

I reveal stories I’ve once read

many books, many times

hear me these are my rhymes

walks in the park are nice

but not in the dark or twice

long hot summer days are the best

want more, o.k., here’s the rest

I’m a person with feelings

sometimes on my sleeve

and sometimes make believe

but always one thats blessed

health is the most important thing

without that there’s no need for bling, bling

I’m funny and simple

and can be very fickle

do you want more, let me explore

no, maybe next time

then you will adore

by Dawn Gosdin


I am tired

I am weak

I am mild

I am meek

I am able

I am strong

I am open

I am closed

I am old

I am new

aren’t you glad

now I’m through

by Dawn Gosdin

Bad Breath

Bad breath is common

we all have it from time to time

but, not me, oh no

not my mouth, not mine

Suzy, down the street does

I know its kind of mucky

and I know Mr. Smith does

because Mrs. Smith says yucky

bad breath is icky

and even sorta sticky

no one wants bad breath

nor does it cause death

its gross and smelly

and gets like jelly

the taste is gooey

and even kind of chewy

Oh no, here comes Suzy

its worse, Mr Smith’s coming too

the nasty odor is making me fold over

what Suzy, its best if I

shut my mouth, WHY

Mr Smith said I

smell like pickled pie

by Dawn Gosdin

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