Disney World Trip Report

     One might say, I have a crush on Walt Disney and the world in which he created & Mickey Mouse is no doubt my brother from another mother. My true affinity for WDW began while researching for my speech final at LSU. This is where I gained the magical knowledge of Disney, and from then on, there was no turning back. Always a Mom’s panel hopeful never a Mom’s panelist,  I’ve been a Mom’s panel hopeful two years now, it is a dream that I will fulfill one day. William Arthur Ward‘s quote said it best If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” I see it, truly I do, maybe not in the amount of time I want it to take, but it will happen and when it does, I will be ready. Just hope, they’re ready for me!  If I had to give one word to best describe Walt Disney World, I would say “Enchanting!” We’ve enjoyed Disney for many years now. I’m known to friends as Disney Dawn, or Disney dork depending on the day. Any information I can share to anyone going, asking or even uttering the word Disney in a grocery line, I will interject my Disney knowledge. My passion is apparent with the amount of time & devotion I spend researching for trips. I find pure enjoyment and fulfillment out of turning newbie’s into full on Disney dorks. I’ve been many times to WDW, but never actually attempted a trip report, so here it goes. FINALLY!                                                                                                                     Day 1 Saturday, July 23, 2011     Welcome, you’ve arrived with my family on our trip to Walt Disney World. The family cast you will be traveling with consists of: Ryan (DH38) Myself-Dawn (DM39), Peyton (DD14) Logan (DS12). We’re here, its 7:00am & a Spectacular Saturday morning @ WDW Polynesian Resort. So far kids are magically getting along & there are no worries, we make our way to valet to have our luggage taken care of & check in with Concierge services. They have a golf cart pick us up & sweep us away towards the Hawaii building. We are then welcomed by club staff, given our lei’s, everything seemed to be going as planned till we were told, computers were down & our room was not ready-bummer, but it was early, so we were fine with it, until the kids began to strangle each other with their new lei’s. We were lucky enough to have the Club lounge to hang out in, so they could get away from one another & us & enjoy breakfast, snacks, watch T.V. while hubby & I enjoyed the view of Cinderella’s Castle, day-dreaming at this point we were Dawn-erella & Prince Ryan & we had knights to take the naughty ones off to the dungeon, don’t think that didn’t really cross our minds.I had to purchase my annual passport, so we thought now would be a great time, we headed towards the Magic Kingdom on the monorail, excited but still exhausted from our 13 hour drive, deliriousness (my word) was setting in. Now at Magic Kingdom I grab my first ever annual passport & since still waiting on room, we proceeded to the CR for shopping & arcade. CR has a lot of great shops & eateries, & some of the best overall views of Magic Kingdom. We made our way back to the POLY for goodies in the lounge & a little sand castle build off & breaking in of the hammocks @ the beach.It was now afternoon & that means time for some guilt free, much-needed SPIRITs “OH YEAH” to keep our spirits up of course. Finally the room was ready (angels were singing) still before regular check in, but not much earlier! Hubby called bell services & luggage delivered within 15 minutes. At last, unpacked & fully ready to start vacay, unfortunately a little pooped, but ready. We planned on DHS that night & for our first Disney overpriced meal @ Hollywood & Vine, normally the first two days of every Disney trip, we chill-ax & soak up the fact that we’re at WDW, We never start parks on weekends, ever, but this trip was different.I forgot to mention, I had a few surprises set up for my family on this trip, for starters when we arrived back in our room from DHS–a tray of chocolate covered strawberries were set up, spelling out Aloha for my hubby & kids snack cones full of candy for the kids, also turn down service had already come in & more chocolates were waiting, my daughters favorites which ensued another beat down (not a real beating, small one, hehe) between the siblings. Night, I slept like a baby, odd because I don’t ever sleep at home….Day 2 Sunday, July 23, 2011  Breakfast in Club lounge, I could barely contain my excitement, I had a surprise that I actually kept for months, unusual for me, I always ruin everyone’s surprises, I tell Christmas presents early, birthday, sometimes secrets-SHH, I can’t keep my big mouth shut, but with age must come-tight-lippedness (not real word) I did it!  We were scheduled for a lazy pool day, which was true, but they didn’t know I rented a full day cabana filled with stocked fridge, table, sofa, flat screen T.V., towels, plush lounge chairs, attendant at the touch of a button & a fruit tray all for us –next to the Volcano Pool with view of Cinderella’s Castle, Monorail loop, Grand Floridian, Contemporary & Magic Kingdom overlooking Bay Lake & Seven Seas Lagoon. They said it was the best surprise they’d ever been given, & I was happy I kept my big mouth shut, for once. So we enjoyed lunch from Capt’ Cooks & spent the entire day poolside, literally till 6pm. Then grabbed Sushi for all of us from Kona Island. After din-din we headed towards DTD for shopping & fake tattoo’s with Mickey on them. Night, slept like a baby again, crazy.

Day 3 Monday, July 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom, my favorite park. We aren’t typically people who have to get there right before it opens, or even right after, because we know when we do get there, we’re staying all day. That way we enjoy our breakfast in the empty lounge, bonus– because everyone else is rushing to get somewhere early. Don’t think for a sec that I, Disney Dawn don’t have a strategic plan in place on every trip, it’s thought out just enough to be beneficial without being overly structured. So were at MK, first step jump on WDW Railroad & shoot towards Frontierland & grab a fastpass @ Splash Mountain, then ride Thunder Mountain railroad. Then relax a little because two big rides are off the imaginary list & stroll towards Haunted Mansion & so on. We usually walk opposite order of everyone else on purpose. We definitely enjoyed all the shops & crooks & crannies, in the past I felt I never had time for.We ate lunch at Columbia Harbour House, good. All the rides were functioning wonderfully that day & I took a lot of pics of the construction for the Fantasyland addition, can’t wait for its debut in 2013! Didn’t really miss Mickeys Toontown Fair too bad, my hubby did miss Goofy’s Barnstormer, REALLY, I told him don’t worry little honey, its not gone forever, now grow up, you silly grown man (LOL), it will be back when fantasyland is completed.

We ate the usual snacks Mickey bars, fruit bars, popcorn.We rode all the rides a few times and also got to see a rare occurrence, the lights on inside of Space Mountain when going past it on the Transit Authority Peoplemover, it looks scary, now I know why they’re normally off. Also the Peoplemover stopped quite a few times when riding it, we normally like to rest our tired footsies after long day & enjoy the surreal moment of being at MK.I bought my WDW dream purse @ Uptown Jewelers “40th Anniversary, Magic Kingdom Dooney & Bourke” with Walt himself right smack on the front. Last but surely not least we enjoyed Wishes. Decided on water taxi back to POLY, then nighty night. Went to sleepytown with no problemo again! Magical…

Day 4 Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Epcot, another busy day, 2nd favorite park. Ate at CL lounge then walked to TTC for Epcot Monorail. When we arrived at Epcot we took a lot of pics of other people to be kind, then our own, went right towards Imagination pavilions & Imageworks, we really didn’t need to rush because we had extra magic hours later that evening. We rode all the main rides again a few times, explored awesome jumping fountains over by Captain EO, (never really gave it much of a chance) but the fountain was awesome. Ate quick-lunch @ Electric Umbrella Restaurant explored the Land Pavilion & can you believe it Soarin was the only ride out of all the parks we didn’t ride on this trip, sold out of fastpasses early, oh well, next time.Then we made our way towards World Showcase, & instead of starting in Mexico, we began in Canada, also because my kids wanted to do Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure 7 & it began in Canada. It was fun & a unique experience.

We shopped, drank a little of whatever that country had to offer, we didn’t want to offend the countries, & they were not disappointed. Bought perfume in Paris, jewelry & henna tattoo sets in Morocco & had dinner in Japan @ Tokyo Dining. Ending with Illuminations & a few more rides of test track thrown in for added fun. Had to ride bus home, (not happy, that’s one reason we overpay at POLY for convenience), they implemented new monorail policy: no monorail running one hour after park closing anymore. Night, legs now pretty sore & if I had not walked all day, for a few days in a row– I would have believed that commercial for restless leg syndrome. Off to sleep again. I’m starting to believe, I need to move to Disney for a good nights sleep.

Day 5 Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Off day from parks, I booked an early morning a deep tissue massage at The Grand Floridian Spa, yay me. Finished that fabulous experience up with a relaxing stroll back to the room to wake my hubby up for his scheduled golf game. The kids & I shopped till we dropped at all the resorts gift shops, from Basin @ The GF to the CR for Mickey Silver Flatware & Dishware & goodies for the kids. Enjoyed lunch at Kona Cafe @ our resort, delicious as always. By that time hubby was finished golfing and we treated ourselves once again to a cabana rental but this time only half day. It was short-lived about 2 hours into it, Florida’s infamous rain poured.I was worried that our luau scheduled later that evening would be cancelled. But fortunately it was just enough time for all of us to get some well deserved rest, clean up & then enjoy our “Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.” Right after it ended we watched Wishes from the beach at the POLY. Then as if we could not have packed one more thing in this day, we changed into our swim suits & watched “Toy story 3″on the inflatable movie screen on our beach, then swam a little.  One of my favorite days at WDW ever. Night, You know I slept good this night!

Day 6, Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Animal Kingdom not really one of my favorites, it reminds me of you guessed it a zoo & doesn’t really feel Disneyish (my word)to me. I’ve only gone once before & never liked it enough to go back, till now.The kids didn’t really remember it, Logan was four, all he remembered was being afraid of “It’s tough to be a bug.” But I really wanted to try Expedition Everest with my daughter, (new to AK since my last trip to that park), because there was no way my hubby (wimp) or son (wimp 2) was going anywhere near it. I have to admit, it did not disappoint, one of my new favorite Disney rides, its a shame it is at my least fav park.We rode & visited all the attractions & shops, even had our children’s faces painted beautifully. It was a nice experience, but one I can wait another 7-8 years. We left around 5ish towards our resort contemplating dinner locales. We decided our last dinner before leaving the next day would be, Kona Cafe, one of our favorites at the Polynesian Resort. Night, right off to snoozy, but sad because last sleepy before departing in morning.

Day 7 Friday, July 28, 2011

Last day, very sad. Breakfast last morning, in CL lounge. called bell services to grab our bags & now a lot more bags of souvenirs. Shopped one last time at Bou-tiki, bought a white Mickey Mouse watch, swimsuit shorts, Coconut “Greetings from the POLY” kids stuff, Ryan stuff, just a lot of stuff, with Mickey on it. I tried to hide, so I could live there, but hubby found me, then he said the worst sentence, I think I’ve ever heard, “Dawn-erella, it’s time to go!” He had to drag me out kicking & screaming. BOO HOO, until March 2012!

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