Disney Springs “Shopping”

Travelers, Family & Fun rolled into one!

2 of 3 Part Series


Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it’s off to Disney Springs “Shopping” we go. Ladies, do you love to shop, DOPEY question, huh? Come on hubbies, don’t be BASHFUL if you’relike my hubby thenyouprobably dotoo! You’ll be HAPPY to know that everything on your wish list can be found in one magical place, so no need to be GRUMPY. Unique apparel at UNIQLO, bath salts at BASIN, Christmas ornaments at DISNEY’S DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, and last but surely not SNEEZY; Disney salt and pepper shakers at MICKEY’S PANTRY.

My familyhas specific souvenirs we strive for each time we visit Walt Disney World Resort.I enjoy collecting Christmas ornaments, Disney Dooney & Bourke’s, and Disney jewelry; especially if it dons my main mouse Mickey. I also love Disney kitchenware; the idea of seeing it each day in my kitchen makes me feel like I’m Cinderella……before she became a princess, lol. My…

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