Fun! What does your favorite book say about you?

I looked over at my nightstand today at the books I’m currently reading and/or have read. I thought to myself “what does my choice of books reflect or say about me and the person I am.” I maybe looking introspectively, but it made me curious of the books on others nightstand. 

This is an interesting way to learn about yourself and each other. Take a picture or type what books you love or are currently reading and type what you think it means about you. I’ll start~

  • 10% Happier~ I strive to be happier than I already am.
  • I love to laugh and Chelsea Handlers crude, hilariously dry personality makes me giggle out loud.
  • Andy Cohen is very interesting to me and also makes me laugh.
  •  Marty Sklar~ Anything and everything Disney fascinates me.
  • Jesus Calling~ I love inspiring devotional journals.

Your turn……