I Love it when #6!

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1. I get all my Christmas shopping finished & wrapped one week before Christmas!

2. I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter to see Hawaii, makes me excited for trip. A shame, I have to watch arrests & druggies to get my Hawaii fix. Hawaii Five-O isn’t much better.

3. The girl I least like, gets kicked off Top Chef Texas! So long Heather!

4. My son spends the night with a friend! Lol.

5. I go to the grocery store & only buy what’s on my list. Not often.

6. My dog doesn’t think the living room is his personal potty.

7. Santa at the mall looks like the real thing!

8. The Vet bill isn’t as bad as I expect.

9. Storage wars is on & Dave Hester is shut down.

10. Dual Survival, Swamp People & Finding Bigfoot are all on, in the same night! Dreams can come true–I sound like such a dude…


  1. kewsmith says:

    I have never gone to the grocery store and only bought what was on my list. Way to go.


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